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1. On many occasions our instructors see students rushing to get to their lessons on time and this is transferred into their drive test thus leading them to fail on speeding.
Therefore, we advise you to arrive on time for your 1 hour warm up lesson prior to your driving test.

2. Don’t drive too slow or be too cautious, be assertive you actually can be given a critical error for driving 10kph under the speed limit for no apparent reason.

3. Be patient make the testing officer feel safe in the back seat.
Imagine you are driving your elderly grandparents, there is no rush.

4. Select a Vic Roads testing station where you can access easily and have a few professional driving lessons to familiarise yourself with the testing routes and choose a local reputable Driving School.

5. When booking your driving test avoid peak traffic conditions if possible why make the whole ordeal more challenging than necessary.
Your instructor will give you the best guide.

6. Have your driving lessons the same time you booked your drive test so you will get the feel of the traffic conditions and familiarise yourself of what to expect.

7. Ensure your driving instructor can communicate clearly and has experience in the testing area.
No point having two nervous people in the front seats on test day.

8. Never drive at the exact speed limit a slight downhill grade will always make it easy to exceed the 5kph threshold. Staying 5km under the maximum speed limit is advised.

9. Don’t signal too early as it may confuse and mislead other road users and pedestrians. As a guide 30-40 meters or 3-4 house lengths prior to a turn where possible.

10. Go to bed at your normal sleeping time if you try going to sleep too early it will actually have an adverse affect on you. You’ll toss and turn thinking of tomorrow’s drive and be up all night making you restless and drowsy.

11. Remember use the horn if you have to it’s a warning device.

12. Keep breathing remember you must relax this is just a “snapshot” of how you conduct yourself whilst you’re on your own. The tester will understand you will make some mistakes so don’t stress.

13. Don’t be afraid to ask the testing officer to repeat the instructions just be polite and respectful in your tone. They actually encourage you to ask if unsure.

14. Always do a few practice tests with your driving instructor before attempting the real test that way you know what level you’re at.

If possible do the practice test from the VicRoads car park using the actual test routes.

15. Don’t consume too much caffeine thinking it will make you sharper, more alert and that it will improve your reflexes. As a matter of fact, drinking too much coffee or energy drinks can actually lead to erratic behavior, which in turn can lead to speeding.

16. Dealing with road hazards such as pedestrians, cyclists, double-parked vehicles can be difficult during a driving test. Early observation is the key to safely passing from those dangers. Make sure you look far ahead whilst driving and cover (not press) the brake by decelerating first and placing foot above the brake pedal if any hazards present themselves on the road until its safe to pass them or stop if necessary. Defensive drivers are drivers which use the accelerator pedal to slow down more than they use the brake pedal.

17. Mirror use is one of the most underrated actions in a driving test. Mirrors (all mirrors) must be checked just before signaling, just before braking, and every 15-20seconds whilst driving straight.

18. A smooth drive often goes a long way with testing officers. Applying gradual acceleration and gradual braking makes a whole lot of difference in passenger comfort. Abrupt or erratic driving may cause discomfort.

19. Getting through stage 1 of the driving test is often a great confidence boost into stage 2, so make sure you drive with extra care whilst in stage 1 and make sure you know how to complete your slow speed maneuver correctly.

20. One of the most important sequences in the driving test you must follow is the M.S.H sequence (check mirrors, signal, head check). Please ask your instructor when you must do this sequence in accordance with the VicRoads test.

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