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Overseas Licence Conversion


If you have shifted to Australia and are looking for overseas license conversion, then you can connect with us. If you hold a driving license and have recently shifted to Australia, then you can drive on your current overseas license for a period of 6 months from the date you entered Australia. Post this period that you would need to go for overseas license conversion and here comes the role of Deep’s Driving School. We are one of the most renowned centers for learning driving, overseas license conversion, and other allied services. We have a team of best driving instructors in Melbourne who will give you a complete explanation of road and traffic rules in Australia so that you can easily pass the license test.

How do you go about it?

At Deep’s Driving School, we make your life simplified. We understand that commuting from one place to another is unavoidable and if you have your vehicle, then you would need a license to run it. Our driving instructors recommend a minimum of 5 hours of training. Those who have overseas driving experience must go for a minimum of 3 hours of training.

The process of conversion of International Drivers Licence

At Deep’s Driving School, we ensure that your life gets hassle-free. We are a one-stop solution, whether you are looking for a licence, learning how to drive or for international license conversion.

We have all these services available under one roof. Not to miss our trained and certified driving instructors ensure that you get the best information and series at one place.

Here are certain steps that you need to follow :

  1. Book your learner’s permit and hazard test. You can do so by logging on to our portal. In case you are facing any confusion, then you must connect with our customer service executive.
  2. You must know about the local driving road rules
  3. At Deep’s Driving School we help you acclimatise to Australian road. Our officers at driving school will acquaint you with the same. We have the best driving instructors in Melbourne who will render intensive driving lessons, including the acquaintance with Australian roads.
  4. We recommend speaking to our executives and if you want to go ahead with overseas drivers licence conversion, let them know about the same so that they can guide you with the process.

All our driving tests and lessons are conducted on Deep’s Driving School’s testing routes. You must know that driving test is different from your regular driving, and hence, you would need the assistance of a driving instructor.
Meeting Point

What if someone fails the test?

It is possible that Overseas driver licence holder might fail the drive test. In such a scenario, they would not be allowed to drive. If you wish to obtain a licence, then you will need to apply for a learner’s permit.

What are the different tests that one needs to give?

Learner Permit Knowledge Test

This is an online test, and you can book these tests by logging on to client’s portal or calling us up.

Hazard Perception Test (HPT)

This is also an online test which is done at our office. You can make a booking for the same by logging on to client’s portal or speaking to our executives.

The Drive Test – Overseas Licence Conversion

It’s important that you must connect with our driving school instructor to make a booking for this test. Make sure that you inform them about the overseas licence conversion. The booking can be made through client’s portal or by calling our executives. The contact information is mentioned on our website.

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