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Teaching Official Testing Routes

Learning how to drive is one skill which everyone must-have. In Australia, one has to strictly comply with driving rules and regulations. To acclimatise with Australian driving conditions, you must take driving lessons from some of the best driving instructors in Melbourne. We have conducted the best driving lessons in Melbourne. Our driving instructors are patient and well-versed with Australian road conditions helping you learn driving.

Deeps Driving School Recommends

We recommend five hours of driving lessons for those who have completed 120 logbook hours.

Those who are new to driving must begin with 10 hours of driving lessons.

Meeting Point

If you are about to take driving lessons, then you must know that you need to clear driving tests. These tests are done on Deep’s Driving School Vicroad. You must practice driving routes because they are prepared as per the regulations specified by the authorities. Driving tests are different from what you drive on the road. We have got the best driving instructors who will ensure that you get well-acquainted with all the regulations related to road safety and driving.

Hazard Perception Test (HPT)

This test is done at the centre, and you can make a booking for the same by logging on to VicRoads website . Besides, you can also book your test by calling our executives.

Driving Test

Driving test is a must for those who wish to drive on the road. Deep’s Driving school is one of the most renowned school in Melbourne specially in south east suburbs. To make a booking for a driving test, click on the Book section. Our executives will connect with you to inform you about the driving test date.

Appointment Fees

We have tailored packages for people who are willing to learn how to drive. You can speak with our customer care executives to know more about the appointment fees.

Log Book

We maintain complete records of your driving in the logbook. Our driving instructors fill the logbook according to Vicroads guidelines and always check them to make sure it’s properly completed according to Vicroads guidelines so that it’s not rejected on the drive test day.

Learn How to Drive with Deep’s

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