• Driving lessons and the Vicroads practical driving test are subject to instructor availability
  • Be contactable prior to a driving lesson so the instructor can sms or call you upon arrival at the meeting point
  • On test day when meeting at nominated Vicroads location arrive at least 15 minutes prior to test or lesson
  • When meeting at nominated Vicroads location have mobile phone turned on and be reachable so your allocated instructor can find you. (phone MUST be switched off during the driving test)
  • Safe footwear to be worn while driving. open footwear, (barefoot) including high heels is deemed unsafe for training and driving test purposes. your allocated instructor has the right to refuse the lesson/test in which case the session shall be forfeited
  • By offering your test details you have already booked the driving test appointment with Vicroads as we do not book on your behalf.
  • On Vicroads practical drive test day have all relevant documentation (including Vicroads appointment receipt, eye wear and log book) relating to your personal circumstances and meet the Vicroads criteria and as specified by the Vicroads testing officer/management on the day (call Vicroads 131171 or go to official website). If the Vicroads officer/management does not accept your documents or you do not meet their criteria and the test is rejected we do not offer any refunds or discounts on further bookings
    On Vicroads practical drive test day have corrective eye wear (if applicable)
    On Vicroads practical drive test day have log book meet the expectation of the Vicroads testing officer (if applicable)
  • 24 hour notice of cancellation/postponement of lesson via phone call 0430191324 or email is required to better service all customers or lesson shall be forfeited
  • 1 Week notice of cancellation/postponement of Vicroads practical drive test via email is required to better service all customers or the test and any lessons prior to the test shall be forfeited
  • Cancellation or refund of a lesson without 24hrs notice will incur an admin fee of $25.
    Cancellation or refund of a drive test without one week notice will incur an admin fee of $85
    In case of no show, the candidate will be charged a full session amount.
  • In the case of a refund we require bank details from the client and refund the balance to client’s bank account
  • A request to switch from automatic transmission to manual transmission and vice versa within a package is considered a cancelation of package. We reserve the right to refuse this request due to instructor availability
  • Packages are non-transferable between clients
  • Packages are non-transferable between instructors
  • All communication between client and driving school is best done via emai or phone call
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